Video Game Henchmen Plan Meetup Around Explosive Barrels

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Breaking: Adam Got A PS4 For Christmas

He Got ‘Battlefront’ Too

DANVILLE, CA—Saying that the 10-year-old was so freaking lucky, sources in Mrs. Burnett’s homeroom class confirmed Monday that local 5th-grader Adam Samuels got a PlayStation 4 for Christmas and Star Wars Battlefront, too.

PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One

Sony and Microsoft are launching their hotly anticipated next-generation video gaming consoles this month, with the PlayStation 4 going on sale on Nov.

Console Wars Heat Up As Zenith Unveils Gamespace Pro

LINCOLNSHIRE, IL—With next-generation video game systems such as the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 hitting stores later this month, the console wars got even hotter today as electronics manufacturer Zenith announced the release of its own console, ...

New Features Of ‘Grand Theft Auto V’

The latest installment of the Grand Theft Auto video game series launches Tuesday. Here are a few of the new features gamers can look forward to: 15-hour opening cinematic scene Character now sometimes steps in gum Users can unlock one fre...

Features Of ‘Madden 25’

With Electronic Arts releasing Madden NFL 25 this week, Onion Sports examines the new and innovative features of the popular football video game series. Over 30 new running moves that you’ll never figure out how to use Four-player coo...

Nintendo Entertainment System Turns 30

The original version of the Nintendo Entertainment System, known as the Famicom or Nintendo Family Computer, first became available in Japan 30 years ago this month.

Tecmo Bowl–Winning Bulldogs Visit White House

WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama hosted the Tecmo Bowl champion Bulldogs at the White House Thursday, honoring the team for their stunning victory over the heavily favored Wildcats. Obama, who met with the players and coach BOB and provided a guide...

Features Of The Xbox One

Windows XP operating system Will offer new titles in such popular Xbox series as Ace Combat, Kane & Lynch, Crash Time, and Call of Juarez Xbox Hat—Say the words “Xbox Hat” out loud and a large ima...
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Video Game Henchmen Plan Meetup Around Explosive Barrels

LEVEL 5—A group of video game henchmen patrolling the warehouse hideout of their criminal mastermind boss informed reporters Wednesday of their upcoming plan to take a brief break from making their rounds to meet up around a stack of five highly explosive barrels. “When we considered the best place to exchange the latest information and warehouse-guarding strategies, we all immediately thought of the spot by the large red barrels, the ones with the large flame symbols on them to indicate flammability,” said one of the identically dressed guards, citing the barrels’ convenient central location, which each of the henchmen happened to walk past at one point or another during their regimented back-and-forth patrols. “The plan is to sync up, gather together near the barrels, and then remain there for approximately eight seconds to share input, feedback, and ideas before resuming our guard duty. If all goes well, we’d likely consider returning to the same spot for quick check-in meetings every minute or so.” Another henchman, the lone one without a shirt, added that the group planned to go forward with their scheduled meetup regardless of whether or not they heard any loud sounds.

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