The Pros And Cons Of Open-Plan Offices

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Woman Has No Business Being An Extrovert

SAN ANTONIO, TX—Explaining that the character trait does not seem to suit her well, acquaintances of local woman Mary Randolph told reporters Wednesday that the 32-year-old accountant really has no business being an extrovert.

Departing Employee Not Quite Important Enough For Send-Off

ATLANTA—Noting the distinct lack of fanfare surrounding his departure last Friday, employees at Empire Marketing Solutions concluded that sales associate Brent Wheeler was not quite important enough to warrant a formal send-off on his last day of wo...

Company To Experiment With Valuing Employees

SAN DIEGO—Cautioning that the initiative was being instituted on a trial basis only, Forrest Logistics CEO Wayne Gartner announced Thursday that the company had recently begun experimenting with valuing its employees.
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The Pros And Cons Of Open-Plan Offices

More companies are remodeling offices to incorporate open-plan layouts in an effort to save money and encourage collaboration, though many employees complain that the setup eliminates privacy and makes it hard to concentrate. Here are the pros and cons of open-plan offices:


  • Replaces unsightly cubicles with resplendent rows of particle-board desks
  • Increases employee innovation in finding ways to drown out coworkers
  • Cheaper overhead than office that people would enjoy working in
  • Removes barriers separating employees from their boss except for financial, social, and generational ones
  • Can cram couple more people in between Megan and Steve
  • Comfort in knowing your cold germs will spare no one
  • Other companies doing it


  • Have to hang your coat in communal closet like a savage
  • Glaring diversity problem right out in the open
  • Reserving conference room necessary to punch hole through wall
  • Having dozens of separate conversations occurring around you simultaneously may be somewhat distracting
  • Nowhere to hang inverted cross
  • Look on parents’ faces when you show them your desk
  • Makes it easier to get to know your coworkers
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