Economics, science of explaining where all the money went. The field of economics is divided into two main categories: microeconomics, which examines why the money was all here a minute ago but now it’s not; and macroeconomics, which looks at the economy as a whole to determine how that much money could just be gone all of a sudden. Economists use empirical evidence in an attempt to understand why what little money is left is somehow worth a lot less now than it was before, and they analyze data to study why simply making new money to replace the money that disappeared isn’t really how it works. While some schools of economic thought hold that the best course of action is to reject the idea that the money is really gone and carry on like nothing happened, other theories argue that the only way to fix this is to ask the people with the most money to share it with everyone else because a lot of people need money right now. Economics is often used by governments to implement social policies, such as accepting that the money is never coming back and that everybody had better just get used to it.

From The Onion Book Of Known Knowledge