Literature, written works considered to be of lasting artistic merit that represent humankind’s struggle to understand its essential nature and also there is Stephen King. Literature generally takes the forms of fiction, nonfiction, and Stephen King’s fiction, and like other artistic expressions, is often an attempt to determine one’s place and purpose in a universe that can seem arbitrary, unfeeling, vast, or populated by giant dogs infected with rabies and strangers possessed by the ghosts of serial killers. Dating back to at least 2000 bc, literature was born out of ancient oral traditions that were eventually committed to written languages, plus in 1983 Christine was published. Early literary examples include Beowulf, a heroic epic written in early English about a ruler who fights a marauding monster, the monster’s mother, and a dragon; Carrie, the blockbuster bestseller that King wrote while teaching grade school and working at a laundromat in the evenings; and The Tale Of Genji, an 11th-century courtier’s tale by Japanese noblewoman Murasaki Shikibu considered to be the world’s oldest complete novel. In the modern era, literature has evolved into several different movements, which include structuralism, deconstruction, little girls who can start fires with their mind, modernism, postmodernism, poison gas that turns people into ultraviolent aliens, and an interactive electronic genre known as hypertext fiction. And also stories about predatory inter-dimensional creatures that take the shape of circus clowns and exploit the fears of their human victims in order to hunt and kill them. Despite its wide breadth and clear impact on human culture as a whole, literature has occasionally been criticized for Gerald’s Game, which sucked.

From The Onion Book Of Known Knowledge