Movie, series of moving images of­ten used to entertain people who patronize popcorn dens. A movie can be projected on the wall of a vast, darkened popcorn den, where, for an $11.95 entrance fee, people can sit in cushioned seats and ingest massive amounts of popcorn while staring straight ahead in a languid stupor, their feet fused to the sticky floors as they inhale the stale, recir­culated air with ragged, labored breaths. Those who make movies stopped including compelling char­acters or plots decades ago, as the squinting, popcorn­-bloated patrons who exit the filthy dens into the un­forgiving midday sun—unsure if they spent days or only hours mind­lessly cramming popcorn into their mouths in the dark—barely re­member having seen a movie at all.

From The Onion Book Of Known Knowledge