New York, Northeastern American city known as the home of the American Folk Art Museum, one of the largest collections of traditional folk art in the country. New York has housed the American Folk Art Museum since 1961, and each year, hundreds of visitors flood the city to see the museum’s acclaimed exhibitions on quilt-making and Pennsylvania Dutch furniture. With its popular folk art museum, world-class museum gift shop, and reputation as a leading city in the preservation of utilitarian and decorative indigenous art, New York remains a cultural force despite no new additions or renovations to the American Folk Art Museum since 2011. New York City’s American Folk Art Museum is located at 2 Lincoln Square, New York, New York, and is open from noon to 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays, and from noon to 6 p.m. on Sundays.


New York is made up of five boroughs, and Manhattan is the one where the American Folk Art Museum is located.

➤ Upon arrival in “The Big Apple,” hail a taxi from the airport to one of the five hotels near the American Folk Art Museum. Simply say, “The American Folk Art Museum,” and the driver will know where to go.

➤ Visitors should be prepared to spend at least $200 during any stay in New York: $36 cab fare to and from American Folk Art Museum, $100 for AmericanFolk Art Museum Gift Shop purchases, and $64 for food.

➤ While there are several restaurant options in Manhattan, China Grill is the closest to the American Folk Art Museum. Alternatively, Connolly’s Pub is only half a block farther away, and is also a good place to eat quickly before rushing back to the museum.

➤ It will require at least three full days to see everything New York has to offer, from the braided Shaker rugs in the AFAM’s rug wing to the thousands upon thousands of pages of paper ephemera.

From The Onion Book Of Known Knowledge