Supreme Court, small but influential Washington, D.C. based conservative think tank. With its reputation as a leading conservative voice on social, political, and economic matters, the think tank helps shape the national debate and has achieved remarkable success in exerting right-wing influence on U.S. law. Employing some of America’s most prominent Christian intellectuals, the conservative group issues several policy papers each year advocating for free enterprise, limited government, lax firearm regulations, strong national security, states’ rights, and corporate personhood, while strongly condemning such liberal causes as labor laws and campaign finance reform. A member of the so-called Big Three conservative think tanks along with the Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute, the Supreme Court has pushed an even more right-wing agenda under chairman John Roberts, Jr., who vowed to redouble the institution’s efforts to bring about nationwide bans on gay marriage and abortion.

From The Onion Book Of Known Knowledge