United Nations, international organization formed in 1945 to achieve world peace. Since its establishment there has been the Vietnam War, the Indonesian National Revolution, the first Indo-Pakistani War, the Korean War, the Bay of Pigs invasion, the First Kurdish-Iraqi War, the Invasion of Goa, the Sino-Indian War, the Shifta War, the Sand War, the Zanzibar Revolution, the Six-Day War, the Naxalite- Maoist Insurgency, the Battle of Karameh, the Warsaw Pact Invasion of Czechoslovakia, the Sino-Soviet Border Conflict, Black September in Jordan, the Bangladesh Liberation War, the Indo-Pakistani War of 1971, the First Eritrean War, the Yom Kippur War, the Second Kurdish War, the Angolan Civil War, Operation Entebbe, the Ogaden War, Shaba I, Shaba II, the Soviet War in Afghanistan, the Salvadoran Civil War, the Second Eritrean Civil War, The Iran-Iraq War, the Falklands War, the Ndogboyosoi War, the 1982 Lebanon War, the South Lebanon Conflict, the Invasion of Grenada, the Sri Lankan Civil War, the Siachen Conflict, the Agacher Strip War, the 1987 Sino-Indian Skirmish, the First Intifada, the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgency, the U.S. invasion of Panama, the Romanian Revolution of 1989, the Second Intifada, insurgency in Jammu and Kashmir, the Gulf War, the 1991 Slovene War for Independence, the Bosnian Civil War, the First Chechen War, the Second Chechen War, the invasion of Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq, and the 2011 Libyan Civil War, among many others.

From The Onion Book Of Known Knowledge