College Freshman's Roommate Has Had Excuse To Go Home Every Weekend Since August

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Man Has Loyalty To Pretzel Brand

BROWNSVILLE, TX—Describing them as “the best pretzels out there” and “the only ones [he] buy[s],” local resident Ned Carlisle expressed his firm loyalty to Snyder’s of Hanover–brand pretzels Tuesday.

Seagull This Far Inland Must Be Total Fuckup

KNOXVILLE, TN—Questioning how the bird could have possibly ended up more than 300 miles from the nearest ocean, sources confirmed Friday that a seagull that was spotted this far inland must be a total fuckup.

Only News Source Man Trusts Has Logo Of Eyeball In Crosshairs

FULLERTON, CA—Noting that he relies upon the website every day to keep himself apprised of important national and global events, sources confirmed Thursday that the only news outlet local man Andrew Howland trusts uses an image of an eyeball in crosshairs as its logo.

Man Approaches Unfamiliar Shower Knobs Like He Breaking Wild Stallion

TERRE HAUTE, IN—Approaching the strange bathing controls with caution before gingerly laying both hands upon them, 37-year-old Matthew Dolan took on a pair of unfamiliar shower knobs while visiting an old college friend’s home Thursday like he was breaking an untamed stallion of the wild West, sources reported.

Wedding Photographer Keeps Calling Bride’s Parents ‘Mom’ And ‘Dad’

CHARLOTTE, NC—Despite having just met the middle-aged couple earlier that afternoon, local wedding photographer Bob Dennison kept referring to the bride’s parents as “Mom” and “Dad” throughout the Lambert-Carrillo wedding Saturday, sources reported. “All right, I need Mom and Dad standing right here in front of the rosebush.
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College Freshman's Roommate Has Had Excuse To Go Home Every Weekend Since August

BLOOMINGTON, IN—Citing various family emergencies, last-minute weddings, and impromptu hometown gatherings, the roommate of Indiana University freshman Lawrence Plotnick has had an excuse to go home every weekend this academic year, according to campus reports. “At first it was just run-of-the-mill stuff like wanting to go home to see a friend or a football game, but at this point he’s already headed back for nine birthday parties, three family reunions, and five fishing trips,” Plotnick said Tuesday of his fellow freshman, whom he has reportedly spoken with for no more than one cumulative hour since first meeting him in August. “And last weekend he went to his aunt and uncle’s anniversary. Do you really need to go home for something like that? Still, I feel sorry for a guy who’s had to attend funerals for three grandparents in the past month.” Sources said that while he had no pressing need to go home this coming weekend, Plotnick’s roommate had decided to make the trip anyway, explaining that it had been way too long since he’d seen his parents.

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