Man Not Sure He’s Dynamic Enough To Work At Local Marketing Firm

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Man Not Sure He’s Dynamic Enough To Work At Local Marketing Firm

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA—An online listing for a job at area marketing firm BizKo Solutions has left local man Ryan Urlich unsure whether he is truly dynamic enough to qualify for the position, sources confirmed Wednesday. “I’m willing to work in a fast-paced, deadline-oriented environment, sure, but am I really a dynamic self-starter?” said the 29-year-old college graduate, adding that this is the first time he’s ever considered whether he’s “a results-driven, high-energy ‘A’ player capable of providing cutting-edge insights.” “I suppose I can reimagine a brand, but can I go into a job interview, look someone in the eye, and tell them I’m a strong strategic thinker with the creative vision to drive brand awareness in an increasingly global marketplace? I don’t know if I can.” According to reports, Urlich ultimately decided not to apply for the job, saying he needed to take a few days to “really stop and think” about how dynamic he truly is so that he doesn’t waste anyone at BizKo’s time.

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