Police Find Super-Sharp Buck Knife

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New York City Abuzz Over New Resident

NEW YORK—With word spreading rapidly through office towers, apartment buildings, and across all five boroughs, sources confirmed Friday that New Yorkers were abuzz over reports that a new resident had moved to the city.

Your Horoscopes — Week Of July 7, 2014

ARIES: Your belief that nothing can stop you will be tested this week by depression, procrastination, concrete barriers, dysentery, armed gunmen, and the unanimous passage of several laws targeted specifically at stopping you.

Ranking Women Somehow Not Issue In Miss USA Debacle

NEW YORK—As backlash against the Miss USA pageant continues to spread following controversial anti-immigration remarks made by the contest’s owner, Donald Trump, sources confirmed this week that the overt ranking of women is somehow not a part of the ongoing nationwide outrage.
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Police Find Super-Sharp Buck Knife

'It's The Kind With A Blade That Locks In Place,' Says Law Enforcement Spokesperson

NEW YORK—Warning residents that the blade was “super deadly” and “badass,” city police officials held a press conference Wednesday to announce that they had found a really cool wooden-handled Buck-brand pocketknife on the street. “This thing must be, like, 8 inches,” said police lieutenant Joseph Mattioli, gingerly holding up the 4-inch knife so reporters could get a good look at it. “It’s so sharp you could probably cut a piece of paper with it and leave a clean edge. And it looks like it might have blood on the tip, which is freaky. So be aware that there’s a guy, probably with a scar or an eye patch and maybe even a samurai sword, who has access to these knives, and he may flip out and stab someone if confronted.” Following the announcement, Mattioli asked citizens to come forward if they had any information about the owner of the knife or if they wanted to try throwing the knife into the wall to make it stick.

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