10 Indie Games That Were So Heartbreakingly Pitiful We Decided To Throw Them A Bone

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Indies games can be a portal into another world, letting their developers explore often-emotional themes while pursuing their own individual visions. But many of these games languish in obscurity due to a lack of interest or variable quality. So here are 10 indie games so heartbreakingly pitiful that we decided to just throw them a bone and put them on a list.

Forgotten Mind:

Symbolizing the struggles of Alzheimer’s, this is a game that you really want to like until you realize that it’s 95% text and the writing is just atrocious. Jeez—but it’s a good cause, so maybe check it out?


Alien Crisis:

Oh, god, this one has a dedication to the developer’s grandfather when you start it up. It’s a whole thing about how the game was inspired by Grandpa Joe but then he died before he could see the finished product. It’s barely playable, but this whole thing is too pathetically sad not to put on this list.


Dot Adventure:

This one was actually kind of a fun exploration game until we figured out it’s about male infertility.


Bounty Of The Land:

Apparently some Finnish shut-in made this, but he clearly hasn’t heard of Minecraft or Terraria, because this game is an almost point-for-point replica of their gameplay. Seriously, buy this now because the guy probably has a serious legal battle coming.


I Love You:

This platformer was a father’s attempt to reach his distant son. Jesus Christ.

The Brave Sir Tonnington’s Quests:

This fantasy adventure has a lot of dialogue and it brings us no pleasure to tell you that the game’s sole creator did all the voice work. Seriously, there are over 50 characters in this game and, with no voice training or acting experience, he apparently thought it was a good idea to voice all of them. Just crushing to think about.


Train Con-Duck-Tor!:

You’re basically DOA if your entire game is predicated on a lame pun. And based on the hand-drawn visuals, the poor fuck who made this must have sunk, like, 10 grand into the development process for something no one is ever going to play.


Crab Restaurant Simulator:

No one asked for a game set in a Baltimore crab restaurant, but the game designer’s brother was a crab fisherman who died on the job. So, shit, you should probably give it a try.


T-Rex Trike Race:

It’s basically Mario Kart, but the graphics are terrible and you constantly clip through the ground. Also, on the Kickstarter page, the designer says making this was “the opportunity of a lifetime” and a “childhood dream.” Ugh.


Morose Tears Of The Forgotten Soul:

We’re going to level with you: This is our game. But it’s actually pretty great and if it gets just a little bit of attention, we know it will take off. Please, we need this.