$2 Million In Gold, Gems Stolen From Museum

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Breaking into the California State Mining and Mineral Museum on Friday, thieves armed with pickaxes made off with $2 million worth of gold and jewels, but failed to crack a safe containing a famous 14-pound hunk of gold known as the Fricot Nugget. What do you think?

“Thank goodness. My kids really have their hearts set on seeing that Fricot Nugget.”

Kareem Johnson • Ship Boss

“It’ll be easy to find them. All police need to do is watch for any new mineral museums that pop up suspiciously fast.”

Carla Kleinberg • Unemployed


“Wish I’d got the alert earlier—I saw two guys with pickaxes and sacks of gold at Del Taco but didn’t think anything of it at the time.”

David Sands • Broom Maker