2011 In The Less Popular Sports

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Any fan will tell you the big-name leagues aren't the whole sporting world. As time expires on 2011, we take a look at major accomplishments, happenings, and developments in the less popular sports.

  • The Bassmaster lockout ends quickly as lake owners just let striking bass flop around the shore until they're dead, then replace them with nonunion fish
  • Arena football continues, with many teams participating in the sport with various degrees of success
  • Virginia defeats Maryland to become NCAA champs in lacrosse, a sport that was astoundingly not renamed Sticklaunchers at any point this year
  • Shot-putter Greg Brighton persists in putting the hell out of that shot
  • Not one single bobsled was so much as touched, because nobody would ever do that when the Olympics aren't happening
  • Norwegian cross-country skier Petter Northug motivates himself to a win in the men's 50-km freestyle by reminding himself that if he collapses and freezes to death in the woods, no one will even know to look for him
  • St. Louis 10-year-old Mike Butler wins the Imaginary Super Bowl, the Imaginary World Series, and the Imaginary Olympics, inspiring his parents to get back together in his imagination
  • Silvano Alves breaks the all-time bull-riding record, continuing at it for hours, which at first thrills fans, then makes them dubious and angry, and then raises concerns for the life of the bull, who eventually dies of exhaustion to complete silence from attendees