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2015 Tech Trends

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Showcasing everything from wearable devices to self-driving cars and personal drones, this year’s Consumer Electronics Show revealed the latest in new technology. Here’s a look at tech trends for 2015:

  • TV streaming boxes to combine convenience of purchasing extra device with convenience of choosing from dozens of competing streaming providers
  • 540-degree stereo speakers deliver sound in front of you, behind you, and then in front of you again
  • Sleek 1.2-inch-thick tires on all new cars
  • Wearable mulch-spreaders will become the norm in farming tech
  • New MacBook Air equipped with streamlined keypad that only has 23 letters
  • Lighter wireless routers for easier hurling across living room
  • GPS-equipped Spoonfinders will attach to each of a consumer’s spoon handles, allowing the user to open a smartphone app and track where their spoons are at all times; dishwasher safe
  • Ultra-thin Samsung TV frees up precious centimeters of living room
  • Numerous automakers showcased prototypes of their self-driving automobiles, which promise to safely ferry passengers to whatever destinations still exist in the nuclear-war-blighted hellscape of 2017