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$300 Tax Refund Used To Justify $700 Worth Of Miscellaneous Purchases

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PEORIA, IL—Noting how the considerable windfall had greatly improved his finances, local man Ryan Hanson confirmed to reporters Wednesday that he had used his $300 tax refund to justify nearly $700 worth of miscellaneous purchases. “Getting a refund that big allowed me to buy some important essentials, like groceries, gas, a new phone, a North Face jacket, some bluetooth speakers, guitar lessons, seasons 1 through 5 of 24 on DVD, and some paintball gear,” said Hanson who, after receiving a check from the federal government, went on to spend more than twice the refunded amount as "a well-deserved treat to [himself]" after a long year at work. “I owed a lot in taxes last year, so it’s really nice to get money back this time around. There's nothing like having the IRS pay you money and then immediately turning around and exhausting it all and then some on empty impulse buys.” At press time, Hanson had reportedly opened an email on his newly purchased tablet alerting him of insufficient funds in his checking account.

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