36-Year-Old Man Begins Outlining A Savings Plan For PS5

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SACRAMENTO—Admitting that he needed to operate within a strict budget if he was ever going to afford such a purchase, 36-year-old Brandon Miller reportedly began outlining a savings plan Monday for a Sony PS5 console. “Let’s see, it looks like I’ll have to set aside—ouch—about $15 extra every paycheck,” said Miller, adding that by reducing pizza orders to three times a week, he could begin to put together a “nice little nest egg to start saving for that bad boy.” “Maybe I can call my dad and see if he’ll put me back on the family cell phone plan. That would help a ton. I’m pretty confident that with a year or two of diligence I can do this. Hopefully, Mom can give me my birthday and Christmas money early. This isn’t going to be easy, but I might be able to trade in some of my PS4 games for credit.” At press time, Miller was spotted dialing up an old buddy who worked at Best Buy in high school to see if he could get him a deal.