45-Minute Phone Call To Credit Card Company Goes Great

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FORT WAYNE, IN—Grinning with contentment as he reminisced about the call he placed earlier in the day, 31-year-old accountant Greg Schulhoff told reporters Thursday that his 45-minute phone call with MasterCard regarding late payment fees went “really great.” “That was a wonderful experience from beginning to end—just a really nice way to spend an afternoon, you know?” said Schulhoff, remarking that his time spent navigating the automated menu, listening to hold music, and repeating the same information to several different representatives for just under an hour was “a real joy” and “very satisfying.” “I talked with Debbie in the claims department for a while, which was lovely, and then she transferred me to her supervisor. I didn’t think it could get much better than that, but then I got connected with Anthony in card services, and I really enjoyed that too. I couldn’t believe I was on the phone so long—it was such a good time, the whole thing just flew right by. Frankly, I was kind of sad when the call came to an end.” After logging into his online credit card account several hours later, Schulhoff was reportedly pleased to discover that his issue remained unresolved and he would get another opportunity to be in touch with MasterCard.