A Call For Change

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Why do our elections always have to be like this in America? I am so sick of the media being run by a bunch of boys. I don't know what their problem is with WOMEN who run for executive office, but they're such assholes! All Sarah Palin ever wanted to do was become the second most powerful person in the world without having sweaty pictures of her on her campaign posters and her boyfriend messing around with other girls or whatever, but noooo, not in this country.

As I've learned, the most important thing for Sarah Palin to remember right now is that she's cute and popular. Trust me, that will get you through any trouble, especially a PIECE OF SHIT BOYFRIEND LIKE DEREK TELERICO.

Next time, after I'm done with my Media Arts project, I'll be giving a little bit of an inside look at what it's like to be Barack Obama running for president in this racist nation!