A Look At The 2016 Republican Presidential Frontrunners

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With Republicans formally taking over the House and Senate for the remainder of Obama’s term and looking forward to the future, leading candidates for the party’s 2016 presidential nomination are starting to emerge. Here’s a look at potential GOP frontrunners:

  • Mitt Romney: Is betting that the U.S. electorate is ready for bold leadership from someone on his knees begging to be president
  • Chris Christie: With only his political views, personality, appearance, and a massive federal corruption case holding him back, Christie is a natural frontrunner for the nomination
  • Jeb Bush: Is hoping to distance himself from the embarrassing legacy of his sister and literacy activist Dorothy Bush Koch
  • Marco Rubio: The Florida senator is perfectly poised to help the GOP appeal to a demographic it is actively trying to shrink
  • Rand Paul: While benefiting from his father’s fan base of 20- to 22-year-old males, Paul will be challenged to expand his reach to 23- and even 24-year-old males
  • Ben Carson: The retired neurosurgeon will be relying on voters on whom he has operated in the past, and who are now suddenly and inexplicably galvanized in feverish support for him
  • Bobby Jindal: If the Louisiana governor wants a serious shot at the White House, he’ll have to make himself better known to voters, and ultimately, to himself
  • Someone Whose Father Was A Prominent Conservative Leader: With a recognizable last name and a ready source of funding, Someone Whose Father Was A Prominent Conservative Leader looks to be the clear choice for the Republicans in next year’s election