A Look At The Class Of 2020

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This year’s incoming college freshmen will comprise the graduating class of 2020, with the majority of them born in 1998. Here are some facts and figures about these students and their worldview:

Some of the poor ones probably remember using a Walkman

Most were only able to smoke in bars and restaurants until the age of 5

Just barely able to remember the Cavalese cable car disaster that shook the city of Trento, Italy

Spent the last year of high school absolutely whaling on the class of 2023

The majority were conceived during The Offspring’s Ixnay On The Hombre tour

Don’t know what a CD binder is, but who cares

For them, 9/11 was 15 years ago

Actually, Matt Damon is just as bankable now as he was when they were born, which is really a testament to a certain film-star quality than cannot be simply manufactured, but must be searched for, gently refined, and then allowed to breathe on its own


Most likely won’t actually graduate college until 2022

Will always be younger and more vital than you