A Timeline Of Mass Protests In U.S. History

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Last weekend’s March For Our Lives continued what has been an increase in mass protests during the Trump era. The Onion looks back at the some of the largest and most influential protests in American history.


The March Of Coxey’s Army (1894):

After rampant Wall Street speculation cause economic collapse and rising unemployment, thousands of Americans take to the capital to demand this exact sequence of events only happen eight to 10 more times over the next century.

The March On Washington For Jobs And Freedom (1963):

Over 200,000 people turn out to hear Martin Luther King Jr. demand that his famous “I Have A Dream” speech be taken wildly out of context long after his death.

Vietnam War Protest (1969):

Roughly half a million people demonstrate against the war in Washington, D.C. in a stirring display of advocacy that convinced the U.S. government to only keep it going for another six years.


March For Life (1974):

This annual march forces Congress, the Supreme Court, and the president to hear the cries of America’s most powerless citizens, white evangelical Christians.


Anti-Nuclear March (1982):

Around a million protesters gathering in New York City to protest the use of nuclear weapons unwittingly make themselves a pretty easy target for nuclear attack.


Second National March On Washington For Lesbian And Gay Rights (1987):

Just the nudge America needed to finally and fully accept all members of the LGBT community.


Million Man March (1995):

Fed up with being ignored and silenced, members of the African-American community unite to say that racism is bad or something like that.


Iraq War Protest (2003):

This one actually didn’t accomplish that much.

Women’s March (2017):

More than 4 million people come together to just generally protest all the shit going on.