A Well-Deserved Break: This ER Nurse Just Finished A 15-Hour Shift And Is About To Get Destroyed In ‘Call Of Duty: Warzone’

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Amidst the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, hospitals continue to be overwhelmed and undersupplied, pushing our nation’s medical professionals to their breaking points. Thankfully, for those who game, there are some beautiful ways to relax. That’s the case for Seattle nurse and all-around gaming hero Evelyn Moralez, who finally got the opportunity to go home and blow off some steam after a 15-hour shift by getting absolutely wrecked in Call Of Duty: Warzone!

Now, that’s what we call a well-deserved break!

Working in an ICU is strenuous enough without the constant influx of coronavirus patients, so after pulling an all-nighter running around the hospital and getting a few hours of shut-eye, Moralez has more than earned the chance to take a load off and get repeatedly sniped mere moments after spawning into Verdansk. While no longer on the front lines of the battle against the deadly disease, Moralez is free to get completely slaughtered by a gang of 13-year-olds yelling at her to “get fucked” before teabagging her character’s corpse.


Obviously, the demand of intubating more than a dozen patients throughout a double shift and watching actual human beings pass away before her eyes is sure to take a physical and emotional toll on anyone. But that’s why it’s so great that Warzone is here to ensure she can take her mind off all that stress by getting fragged by a cooked grenade before someone named N00B_Bl@ster adds insult to injury by knifing her avatar’s lifeless body.

Sure, some might be a bit shaken by the experience of being mercilessly owned without being able to get so much as a shot off at an enemy before being obliterated by a precision airstrike, but it is more than a welcome respite for someone like Moralez, who mere hours ago had to inform a tearful family that their grandfather had died of acute respiratory failure. Being totally annihilated by a group of pubescent tweens who started spamming UAVs late in a match.


After yet another harrowing shift where she was undersupplied and overwhelmed in the midst of our global catastrophe, it’s amazing to know that Activson was here to help this hero be ruthlessly massacred by strangers online. Whether it’s being detonated by a proximity mine, ambushed by a camper, or killed so quickly and inexplicably that she has to re-examine the killcam to even try to understand what happened, Call of Duty: Warzone is here to give Moralez a nice little breather from all the madness!

Pretty nice, huh, gamers? Let’s give three cheers for Moralez and all the brave first responders out there who need the sort of pressure valve that only video games can provide!