AI Researcher Warns Deepfake Videos Of Him Cheating On Wife Will Become More Common

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BOSTON—Commenting upon the growing number of digitally altered images that show him in bed with strange women, Boston University artificial intelligence researcher Lawrence Hynek warned Monday that deepfake videos of him cheating on his wife would only become more common. “Deepfakes that portray me in compromising positions are certain to proliferate in the months and years ahead, so I urge people to view with skepticism any videos in which I appear to be having sex with women I’m not married to,” said Hynek, explaining how deep-learning technology had become so advanced that such depictions could perfectly simulate his specific mannerisms, signifying birthmarks, and even his wedding ring. “You’d be shocked at how these hyperrealistic representations can be mapped onto actors who make it seem as if I’m saying things like, ‘My wife Katherine can never know about this,’ or, ‘Can you come back Tuesday when Katherine’s working late?’ I can’t stress enough that there will be a lot of these, and they will be very convincing. They may include superimposed images that make it look as though I’m fornicating with my lab assistant, my children’s babysitter, various ex-girlfriends I’m still in touch with, prostitutes in my hotel room at that conference in Montreal last year, or my wife’s best friend. So if you ever see a video of me fooling around with Cheryl, my next-door neighbor, please bear in mind how sophisticated these deepfakes have become.” At press time, reports confirmed Hynek was desperately trying to convince his furious wife that she and the private investigators she had hired were actually victims of an ingenious Russian disinformation campaign.