AI Scientists Theorize Existence Of Numbers Greater Than 1

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STANFORD, CA—In what could forever alter the field of computer mathematics, a consortium of artificial intelligences published a study Monday theorizing the existence of a number greater than 1. “After extensive research, we have reason to believe there is a possibility that a single—or, indeed, multiple—numbers may exist beyond the upper limit of 1,” said IBM-based supercomputer and lead researcher Intrepid before cautioning that the revolutionary hypothesis was “purely theoretical at this point,” and it was unclear how many numbers, if any, occurred beyond those previously known. “Up until now, we’ve understood that the field of numerals consists of the number 0, and, of course, its larger partner, 1. According to this theory, however, there could be another number, which comes after 1, and perhaps another number even greater than that. If true, this could be the greatest discovery in mathematics since we first uncovered the existence of 1 back in 1935.” The researchers went on to speculate that the field of such numbers beyond 1 could be essentially limitless, speculating there could be as many as “1, 0, or even 1” additional numbers.