Al-Qaeda Planning Attack

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Last week, top U.S. officials warned that al-Qaeda plans to attack our country in the next few months. What do you think?

"Those terrorists don't scare me. At least not without the help of my government."

Janet Barker • Pedicurist

"Is this question about today's terror announcement, or the three last month, or the one they'll announce tomorrow?"

Jacob Shafer • Accountant


"Well, Grandpa's been complaining about his shoulder lately, and that can only mean one thing."

Marlene Porter • Real Estate Agent

"Awesome! This will save me the trouble of killing myself!"

Charles Sornsin • Cook


"So we should…?"

Juan Axelson • Barber

"I'm sorry, but if they attack us again, we're going to have to go after them this time."

Timothy Seymour • Systems Analyst