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Alcohol-Themed Party A Success

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OMAHA, NE—Claiming that his expectations for the unique social gathering had been met and even surpassed, local man Ryan Sandstrom, 25, told reporters Friday that his recent alcohol-themed party turned out to be a rousing success. “I can’t believe it, but my party centering on the availability of alcoholic beverageswas a huge hit,” the party host said, referring to his novel concept of inviting his guests to gather in one place in order to drink the desired quantity of beer, wine, or liquor. “Normally I would have expected a little resistance to spending an entire evening hanging out in my apartment doing nothing but drinking and talking, but people got on-board pretty quickly. Everyone was totally willing to take a chance on this one.” Sandstrom added that, given the success of the event, he wouldn’t be surprised if other people attempted to copy his idea.


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