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ALAMEDA, CA—Thinking back on the moments that brought him the most joy in his life, local 13-year-old Adam Poole reportedly spent Tuesday afternoon reminiscing about several of his fondest memories, all of which were instances when his father was trying to make up for something. “It was so awesome when Dad took me to a Giants game, just me and him out there in the bleachers—that was the best,” said Poole, referring to an outing prompted entirely by his father’s guilt over missing his son’s first soccer match. “And one time he picked my brother and me up after school and took us to the arcade [after losing his temper and launching into a string of profanities in front of the two small children]. He gave us a bunch of quarters and said we could play whatever we wanted and kept telling us we were good kids. That was such a fun day.” Poole then smiled warmly as he recalled how his father often came home with ice cream for the whole family on nights he returned from work after 8 p.m.


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