Original Script Signed By Dustin Hoffman (Verified): If it had also included autographs from Sydney Pollack or Jessica Lange, this would’ve been a steal at $300. But with Hoffman alone, there are better deals out there.
‘Tootsie’ 1982 Movie Poster: Already have one of these, but at $11.97 it seemed worth getting a backup. Someone snagged it for $12, though.
Red Dress: Not the one from the poster, but still in the movie! We were going back and forth with some guy in Dallas for a week and then a collector swooped in and doubled our bid just before it closed.
Tootsie’s Glasses: Actually kind of relieved a museum in L.A. won these, or we would’ve been out $10,000.
‘Toot, Toot, Tootsie’ Poster: Damnit—cast a bid before realizing it was the Al Jolson movie. The font was even pretty much the same. Seller wouldn’t refund us.
Jacket Worn By Dabney Coleman In Audition Scene: Those fuckers at the Tootsie Wiki sniped us again.