Amazing Deal Alert: Mrs. Ableman Just Put A Steaming Hot Copy Of ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ On Her Windowsill To Cool

Illustration for article titled Amazing Deal Alert: Mrs. Ableman Just Put A Steaming Hot Copy Of ‘Monster Hunter Rise’ On Her Windowsill To Cool

Gamers, get ready to grab a great deal and run like your life depends on it! Mrs. Ableman from down the block just set out a steaming hot copy of Monster Hunter Rise out to cool on her windowsill, and you have mere moments to snatch it up before she comes back!


This is a deal that’s too good—and too delectable smelling—to pass up!

Obviously, we’ve had our eyes peeled for the past few months to find a great discount on Capcom’s latest release for the Nintendo Switch, but it wasn’t until we caught a whiff of the freshly baked action-RPG drifting through the Ableman’s white picket fence that we knew we’d found the deal of a lifetime. Just hurry up and grab it already! There’s no way we’re the only gamers in this neighborhood who felt our mouths watering at this piping fresh addition to the iconic series.

Thankfully, Mrs. Ableman is busy setting the laundry on the clothesline, so all you have to do in order to jump into the role of Hunter and start exploring the ninja-inspired Kamura Village is scramble over the perfectly manicured hedge, shimmy up to the window, and grab the Blu-ray case before she hears you coming. Then off you go with one of 2021's best releases!

You’ll want to be quiet about it, though, since the family’s ornery bulldog Junior is chained up mere feet away, and he hasn’t eaten all day. Still, the risk of getting a swatch of your dungarees torn off in his rabid teeth is a small price to pay for being able to play the first Monster Hunter that completely does away with loading screens between Biomes!

So, what are you waiting for? Mrs. Ableman is almost back from her chores, and if she sees your hands anywhere near her prized copy of Monster Hunter Rise, she’ll quickly whip the tin away from you and slam the window shut on your fingers. And there’s no way $59.99 off the market price is worth the humiliation of her calling you a “naughty, naughty little boy” in front of the rest of the neighborhood.

Go get it, gamers!