CAMBRIDGE, MA—Saying they have been able to replicate human behavior more closely than ever before, researchers at MIT unveiled Tuesday a remarkably advanced robot that is capable of committing thousands of mistakes per day. “After years of rigorous research and testing, we have developed an extremely humanlike robot with the ability to botch dozens of tasks within a 24-hour period, whether it’s sending a sensitive email to the wrong person, forgetting about an important appointment, or completely misinterpreting a simple work assignment,” lead developer Matthew Owens said of the robot known as Komistus, highlighting the high-tech machine’s uncanny versatility at bungling a wide range of professional, personal, and social situations commonly faced by real people each day. “Given even the most basic tasks to complete, such as retrieving a few specific items from the supermarket, Komistus will exhibit numerous distinct screwups and egregious errors that almost identically mirror those seen in our own species. We’re already looking forward to a next-generation successor with an even more advanced humanlike capacity for awkward social interactions and overall clumsiness.” Owens added that the ultimate challenge for the Komistus project is developing a robot with the ability to fall in love, thereby duplicating the biggest mistake of most humans’ lives.

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