Amazon Issues Reminder To Employees About Bringing In Outside Thoughts To Work

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SEATTLE—In a stern company-wide email sent to its more than 650,000 employees worldwide, Amazon reportedly issued a reminder Wednesday that the company expressly forbids bringing outside thoughts into the workplace. “This policy is stated clearly in our employee manual and posted prominently in every breakroom, but once more we find it necessary to reiterate that when you step onto company premises, you are required to leave behind any ideas, beliefs, or sentiments not provided to you by Amazon,” senior vice president Jeffrey M. Blackburn wrote in the email, adding that if the current situation does not improve, he will be forced to instruct company security to conduct random interrogations of employees during the workday to ensure full compliance with the rule. “From the moment your shift begins until the moment it ends, you must not engage with or give voice to any unauthorized opinions or concerns that may arise in your conscious mind. In addition, though what you do on your own time is of course up to you, we would prefer you also keep personal thoughts to a minimum at home and never gather with your coworkers in groups of two or more after hours. Trust us—this is for your own good.” Sources also confirmed that Amazon warehouse managers have been given permission to issue suspensions to any employees caught having daydreams while on lunch or bathroom breaks.