A national survey found that 57.9 percent of Americansā€™ calorie intake comes from ā€œultra-processedā€ foods, or items that include artificial flavors, colors, and emulsifiers. What do you think?

ā€œEnough with this elitist insistence upon eating food thatā€™s entirely food-based!ā€

Robbie Yos ā€¢ Sponge Wringer


ā€œSure, itā€™s not the healthiest option, but itā€™s the only way to guarantee that all the food I eat comes in the shapes I like.ā€

Craig Bleu ā€¢ File Corrupter

ā€œThis is just the information I need to ruin dinner conversation tonight.ā€

Carol McGee ā€¢ Garlic Crusher