Americans Marrying Later

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Census Bureau figures for 2003 show that Americans are getting married later, with the average age for a first marriage having risen to 26. What do you think?

"Oh, great. First my grandmother starts pestering me about not being married, then my parents, and now the national media."

Dale Steele • Systems Analyst

"Thank God there's a greater trend I can look to when I ponder my lonely, loveless existence in the midnight hour."

Lois Halverson • Real Estate Clerk


"I don't have to worry about marriage at this point in my life. Paying child support for three kids is stressful enough as it is."

Curtis Fuller • Salesperson

"It's because of the sluggish economy. It's harder to get a dowry together these days."

Ruby Turpin • Auditor


"Christ. Get ready for some of the bitterest-looking bridesmaids in history."

Marvin Watts • Robotics Technician

"My folks got married at 17. They were also cousins. Let me know when you have your tape recorder ready."

Glen Powers • Home Health Aide