Americans Urged To Get Saving $30,000 Out Of Way Before Obamacare Repealed

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WASHINGTON—Stressing that citizens who failed to heed the recommendation were putting their health and well-being at risk, experts strongly urged Americans this week to get saving $30,000 out of the way before a Republican-controlled federal government repeals Obamacare. “You’re going to want to make sure you have that $30,000 squared away by early next year when the Affordable Care Act is dismantled and you wind up paying for doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescription medications out of pocket, so it’s best to start pinching pennies now,” said financial planning expert Dianne McGuigan, who advised the 22 million Americans covered under the Affordable Care Act and its Medicaid expansion provisions to stash away $6,000 from every paycheck between now and mid-January as a precautionary measure for when their health coverage is eliminated, before further recommending the same saving plan to all other presently insured Americans in case they or their family members lose their jobs in the future. “Try to cut back wherever you can by taking public transit and eating meals at home, and then put aside a few thousand dollars here or there that you might otherwise have used on going to the movies or buying a coffee; that way, you can give yourself a little extra buffer.” Experts added that anyone with a preexisting medical condition should aim to save up an additional $90,000 before January.