Amy Coney Barrett Worried Rest Of Feminist Book Club Mad At Her

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WASHINGTON—Noting a palpable shift in the group’s attitude since the last time they met, Supreme Court justice Amy Coney Barrett expressed concern Thursday that the rest of the women in her feminist book club were mad at her about something. “Everyone keeps giving me the cold shoulder, and I can’t for the life of me imagine why,” the justice reportedly thought to herself after receiving yet another nasty look from a member of the club, which meets monthly to discuss women’s literature in what the Facebook invite, as Barrett pointed out, had called a “safe and fun environment in which to bond with fellow womankind.” “Was it something I said? I’m racking my brain here. For some reason, no one will make eye contact with me, let alone try one of the canapés I brought. They just keep whispering about God knows what and looking in my direction. I thought offering to lead today’s discussion would lighten the mood, but Bethenny just scoffed and slammed her copy of Chanel Miller’s Know My Name down on the table—what the hell was that about?” According to sources, Barrett later concluded she had figured out the source of the tension and decided she would come clean and apologize to the group for not having read the book.