Andy Reid Criticizes Soldier Field’s Eating Conditions

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KANSAS CITY—Following his team’s preseason game loss to the Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid on Thursday criticized Soldier Field’s eating conditions. “It is absolutely inexcusable to have to play in a stadium with low standards for burgers and pizza,” said Reid during a press conference, adding that Soldier Field had been for years one of the worst stadiums to eat a bucket of nachos during halftime. “Frankly, it’s dangerous—I was trying to get an Italian beef sandwich, but the concession stand was so far away that I nearly pulled a muscle walking there. The eating conditions there have always been terrible, but this year it almost got to the point where I would’ve rather forfeited the game than force my guys to go out there and play the second half while I was still so hungry. They were out of a bunch of items, and the beer guy kept ignoring me. It’s a disgrace.” Reid stated that he had no choice but to file a formal complaint with the NFL over Soldier Field’s inferior pretzels and disturbing lack of barbecue options.