‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Developers Confirm No One Can Hurt You Here, No One Can Make You Scared

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The long wait is over Animal Crossing fans! It’s been over a decade since a true mainline franchise has hit a Nintendo console, but today New Horizons is finally rolling out on the Switch. And if that wasn’t exciting enough news, the developers also used the release to confirm one amazing new detail about the game’s world—that nobody can hurt you here and no one can make you scared, and there is nothing but boundless warmth and peace awaiting you once you press play!

We can’t wait to pick up our copy.

“We know Animal Crossing’s fans have been waiting patiently, but today, we can finally tell you that it’s all okay. Here, you are safe, and here, you are loved,” said director Aya Kyogoku in a video announcement, in which she spoke in a soft and welcoming tone as she held her arms open to all who wished to have their worries vanish into the abundant kindness all around them within New Horizons. “Let the problems of the world drift away. Tom Nook, Isabelle, and all your friends are here waiting for you.”


“Come on in,” she added. “The water’s just fine.”

Welp, gamers, this is great news, isn’t it? Knowing that you can just spend your time building a nice little house on a nice little island, that all the pain is gone, that this is a safe, special place. We think that is a pretty nifty new game feature.


Kyogoku continued to note: “There are no tears here. Just joy and companionship—No mean coworkers and bosses, no anxieties and self-doubt about your personal life. Here you are accepted solely for who you are. Let all your problems melt away in the warm embrace of Animal Crossing.”

So, there is your marching order, readers! If you’re looking for a place where love for you knows no bounds and nothing bad can ever touch you, go pick up a copy of New Horizons. It’s out today!