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LOS ANGELES—Calling the show “Important, yet problematic” in its portrayal of modern dating in New York City, HBO Max officials announced Thursday that they had pulled Anna Kendrick’s Love Life from their library until it can return with the proper historical context. “While we understand why certain people are unhappy with the decision, we feel it is important to provide viewers with pertinent information that will help contextualize Darby’s struggles with intimacy, sex, and relationships in 2019 Queens,” said HBO spokesperson Kaavya Gupta, adding that each of the romantic comedy’s 10 episodes would return with important discussions regarding era-specific terms like “fuck buddy,” “sext,” and “total derp.” “Frankly, to allow young viewers to watch Love Life without explaining how white feminism shaped our protagonist and her world as a whole would pretend the problems with this show never existed in the first place. Perhaps, when it returns, families will be able to watch this series with their children and teach them about how fraught dating as a millennial in the digital age really was.” At press time, Gupta told reporters that HBO Max had also denounced problematic depictions in the streaming service’s other shows such as Friends and The Big Bang Theory.


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