Anne Hathaway Tormented By 14-Year-Old Bully

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LOS ANGELES—Calling the teen’s behavior “ruthless” and “out of control,” Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway confirmed to reporters today that for the past few months she has been routinely and viciously bullied both in person and across a wide variety of social media by 14-year-old Jenny Schroeder.


According to Hathaway, the “incredibly mean” eighth-grader has targeted the Hollywood leading lady specifically with increasingly brazen acts of cruelty, including posting threatening messages on the 30-year-old’s Facebook page and making numerous disparaging remarks about Hathaway’s physical appearance, often uttered directly to her or within earshot of her.

“At first it was just super mean comments when she’d pass by me, like, ‘Hey, loser,’ but it’s gotten way, way worse—it’s a nightmare,” said Hathaway, adding that Schroeder is currently waging a war against Hathaway on social media sites, The Dirty, Kik, and Askfm, where the girl’s messages ranged from mocking the actress’ outfits to encouraging her to take her own life. “She sends me notes and stuff telling me that my boobs are weird and that boys think I’m ugly and gross. I try to shut it out, but it’s just relentless.”

“And all of her friends have gotten in on it too,” added Hathaway, wiping tears from her eyes. “I try to avoid them, but they’re always around. They’re awful. I can hear them laughing at me wherever I go.”

According to sources, the cyberbullying directed at Hathaway has been particularly vicious, with posts reading, “Kill yourself,” “Die die die, why don’t u die people hate u,” “Do you think you look good with short hair because you definitely don’t, you look like a slutty elf,” “u r a special needs actress,” and “u got an oscar for being the 1st overweight transvestite actress with AIDS.”

Friends and family recently confirmed to reporters that the bullied Hathaway began cutting and burning herself as a coping mechanism for stress on the set of the Christopher Nolan film Interstellar, and aides close to the actress fear her self-destructive behavior has expanded to include anorexia and a dangerous laxative addiction.

As Hathaway appeared to deteriorate from the constant stream of digital abuse, her mother threatened to call Jenny Schroeder’s parents, but Hathaway reportedly begged her to stay out of the issue.


“She just started crying hysterically and screamed, ‘No, Mom—you can’t call [Schroeder’s] mom, it’ll just make things worse!’” said Hathaway’s mother, adding that she was alarmed and saddened to discover that her daughter had recently conducted Google searches for “Is Anne Hathaway the biggest loser in the world,” “What is overweight for a 30-year-old girl,” and “How much Tylenol do you have to take to die” on her mother’s computer. “This Jenny girl thinks it’s funny and that she’s just having fun, but what she’s doing to my daughter is wrong.”

“We are all trying to support Anne—her dad and I, her friends, her costars, her agent—but it’s been really hard,” she said. “I try to tell her, ‘You’re better than Jenny Schroeder,’ but I just don’t think anything’s getting through.”


While numerous people have posted support for Hathaway on Facebook and Twitter, telling her to “remain brave” and “stay strong,” reports confirmed that just as many have joined Hathaway’s tormentor in levying cruel insults against the actress.

“Ha ha you’re a dumb, ugly lesbo, Jenny’s right,” read a recent tweet directed at Hathaway by Twitter user @channingtatum. “Fuk off and die.”