Annoyed Movers Weren’t Expecting Client To Have Belongings

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BOULDER, CO—Expressing their consternation at the unwelcome surprise, employees of Barrington Brothers Moving & Storage Company told reporters Monday they hadn’t expected their client to have belongings. “We thought this was just going to be a standard job where we drive the truck up to the client’s old apartment, take a look around, and then drive to the new place,” said mover Alexander Manginis, adding that the man who had hired them had given no indication that his studio apartment was full of possessions. “We show up and we see at least a half dozen boxes full of stuff that he expects us to carry down two flights of stairs. Not only that, but there were several pieces of furniture, most of which were quite heavy. We were all like, What’s going on here? Needless to say, we’ll be expecting a pretty sizable tip for going above and beyond.” At press time, Manginis was outraged to discover that his client also expected the movers to carry his belongings up to his new apartment.