DUANESBURG, NY—While attesting that the medication was safe and effective when taken as directed, the label for the antidepressant Lexapro specifically warned users that the pill should never be mixed with a long look in the mirror, sources confirmed Tuesday. “Do not consume alcohol or stare directly at yourself in the bathroom mirror while taking Lexapro, as serious complications could result,” read the label in part, before warning consumers that eyeing themselves up and down under the harsh light of a bathroom vanity or leaning in toward their reflection to closely examine their own face had been shown in clinical studies to cause adverse reactions and vastly decrease the drug’s efficacy. “Those who catch sight of themselves in the mirror should immediately discontinue eye contact with their reflection and avoid any impulses to take stock of their life. For best results, it is advised that users stay away from mirrors and other reflective surfaces entirely during the course of treatment.” The label went on to warn that the side effects of viewing oneself in the mirror while on Lexapro—which ranged from loss of appetite to suicidal thoughts—were likely to be significantly intensified should the user look at himself or herself unclothed.