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NEW YORK—Saying that even the most upbeat tunes could bring one down under the right conditions, newly single sources told reporters Monday that any song can be sad if it has sad memories attached to it. “Sometimes the songs that used to make you the happiest are now the songs that hurt most, you know?” said a teary Ted Villaire, 38, tossing an old Blues Traveler CD in the trash because the song “Run-Around” now only makes him think of everything he had lost. “Sometimes you hear a song on the radio that has everybody else singing along, but you remember that’s what was playing in the coffee shop when she told you she wanted to see other people. Even something as fun as Weezer’s ‘Island in the Sun’ somehow reminds me that she’s gone and never coming back.” At press time, newly single sources were reportedly holed up in their rooms sobbing while listening to playlists they had once made for an ex.

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