Apple Announces Plans To Sell Power Mac G4 For $120

‘It Still Runs Photoshop CS Pretty Well,’ Reveals Tim Cook

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CUPERTINO, CA—Bringing to an end weeks of fevered anticipation, Apple CEO Tim Cook announced plans Monday to sell a Power Mac G4 for $120 that can still run Photoshop CS without a hitch. “Today, Apple is proud to announce the sale of a really phenomenal personal computer featuring a 350 MHz processor, 64 MB of ram, and a fully functioning zip drive bay—all for only $120,” said Cook, adding that Apple would listen to any other competitive offers for the 2002 desktop, which comes in a sleek Graphite case with only a few cosmetic nicks and scratches. “You can even use QuarkXPress for doing print layouts, if that’s something you need. Sure, it takes a few extra minutes to boot up and you aren’t going to be running the latest and greatest software, but once you get Myth: The Fallen Lords up and running, you won’t even care. Especially when you hear the sound coming out of the built-in mono speaker. Did I mention it comes bundled with an optical mouse?” Cook concluded by adding that interested parties could contact him personally at with a subject line mentioning the Power Mac G4.