Area Dad Sure Knows A Lot About Local Weather Woman

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ROCKFORD, IL—Casually rattling off details about her personal life and professional history, household sources confirmed Tuesday that area dad Shawn Garcia seems to know quite a bit about local television meteorologist Susanne Lepucki. “He keeps going on about how she wore that same red blouse last week, and I swear one time I heard him use her middle name,” said Garcia’s 16-year-old son, Malcolm, clarifying that his father usually changes the channel after Lepucki finishes her weather report on Rockford CBS affiliate WIFR. “He doesn’t really know any of the other anchors, but he definitely knows Susanne. He’s followed her from the 5 o’clock spot to the 6 o’clock. Apparently, she almost changed networks over a contract dispute last year, but it’s been resolved now.” At press time, the elder Garcia asked his son if he had considered applying to Northern Illinois University, noting that Susanne Lepucki earned her master of science degree over there and they evidently have some pretty good programs.