Area Man Has Little Present For You

It Okay That You Don’t Have Present For Area Man Too

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SCOTTSDALE, AZ—Appearing seemingly out of nowhere as he clutched the neatly wrapped box to his chest, area man Greg Fleming had a little present for you, sources confirmed Tuesday. “I got you a present,” said 36-year-old Fleming, who noted that it was completely fine if you didn’t have a present to give him in return since it’s just a little something he saw that reminded him of you, and it didn’t really cost much anyway. “It’s just a small gift, I promise. You just mentioned liking presents in the past, so, you know. Please, don’t feel like you need to run out and get something for me. Your happiness is the greatest gift I could receive. Anyway, I guess I’ll see you in the New Year.” At press time, Fleming added that you didn’t have to open it in front of him if you didn’t want to as he stood there motionless and smiling.