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Area Man Incapable Of Making Plans Without Excitedly Rubbing Palms Together

GOLDEN, CO—Saying he couldn’t even begin to consider options before him without performing the gesture, friends of local man Aaron Givens told reporters Thursday that he is entirely incapable of making any plans without excitedly rubbing his palms together. “Whenever anyone suggests going out to a restaurant and maybe seeing a movie on a Friday night, you definitely know it’s coming,” said roommate Tyler Roth of Givens’ unwavering tendency to develop a course of action by smacking his hands together and quickly rubbing them back and forth a half-dozen times while furrowing his brow. “If we’re trying to figure out something really big, like laying out an entire weekend camping trip, he’ll sometimes add in a bite of his lower lip, and maybe an excited ‘hmm!’, but the palm thing is really the trademark. Seriously, just a few minutes ago I asked him what he’d like to do tonight and his hands went straight together. He really can’t help himself.” The man’s friends added that Givens’ sole way of expressing disapproval was by letting out a loud, impulsive “Booooooo!”

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