Area Man Panics After Accidentally ‘Liking’ 381 Of His Ex-Girlfriend’s Facebook Photos

BOISE, ID—As he browsed the social networking site Facebook last night, local man Aaron Neutzling, 28, reportedly panicked after realizing that in the course of the evening he had somehow “liked” nearly 400 of his ex-girlfriend’s photos. “Oh, God, what did I just do?” Neutzling said upon realizing he had inadvertently spent the past hour and a half cycling through 14 of his ex-girlfriend’s albums and clicking the “like” button for every single picture. “I was just clicking and not even thinking about it. Jesus, she’s definitely going to notice this when she logs in and sees she has 381 new notifications. Maybe if I can unlike all of them quickly enough it won’t look so bad?” Sources later confirmed a frantic Neutzling had posted at least four messages on his ex-girlfriend’s Facebook telling her he loved her.