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FT. LAUDERDALE, FL—Repeatedly referring to himself as “on fire” and “in the zone” on that particular day, local office worker Kenneth Michelson was reportedly still talking this week about an incredibly productive afternoon he had nearly four months ago. “You wouldn’t believe all the work I got done after lunch that day—I finished up a report, sent it around to the finance team, and I was able to get a head start on the spreadsheets for the following week. It was incredible,” said Michelson of the four-and-a-half-hour stretch of time that took place more than 100 days earlier, fondly reminiscing about how he even managed to update a few files with the latest sales numbers while on a conference call. “Man, I was so locked-in; I was answering emails left and right, and I just crushed this PowerPoint deck I had to put together. You should have seen me.” At press time, sources reported that Michelson could be overheard continuing to recount his highly fruitful afternoon in an attempt to stave off a looming project deadline.


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