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Area Woman Not A Morning, Afternoon, Or Night Person

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NEW YORK—Stating that everyone’s different and this is just how she’s always been, local woman Andrea Harris told reporters Thursday that she is not much of a morning, afternoon, or night person. “I know that some people can just start their morning with a big burst of energy and get so much done before noon, but other people start off slow and don’t really hit their stride until later in the day—I’m definitely in neither of those categories,” said Harris, adding that she tended to be her most proactive, productive self at no point throughout the day. “My husband is a real night owl, but I just feel so exhausted by the end of the day that I fall right to sleep. Then in the morning I’m nowhere near refreshed and ready to start my day. It’s like I always say to my husband: Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my morning caffeine, and then continue not to speak with me the rest of the day.” Harris added that with a huge project coming up at work, she would need to pull an all-dayer.


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